Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Game Turn 3

A busy couple of weeks fighting on Khaleraaq. Despite the spewing masses of daemons flowing from the warp, and a Seekers victory over the Rebels they could not muster any ground. The Rebels managed dig in and hold firm.

The threat of Hive Fleet Benu has now hit and a crushing victory has set the Sisters cleansing mission backwards as they have lost numbers and ground.

The Swords were taken by a suprise attack from the Kabal of the Obsidian Rose. A bloody long battle ensued and the Swords had to fall back. Reports show the Kabal has taken to building large prisoner camps to the west desert regions.

The giant Hive City Khal'haar defenses are on the brink of collapse. The city was abandoned by the rebels early on as they wanted to use the mine network and employ guerrilla tactics, hoping the city defenses would hold. They were unaware of the amount of bombardment the planet was under. The city is on the brink of being invaded. This city holds a major tactical advantage and any faction that can capture it will certainly reap its rewards! Get ready for Game turn 4! The hive tile will be open!


  1. Player: Me, me, me, ME!
    Target: Drax's lovely sisters ;-)
    Result: I won a game YAY!
    Tile Captured: Oh yes, Tile 11 is now all mine

  2. Wow, fantastic campaign. How did you make the map?

    1. If you got a reply or anything please let me know g__jon@hotmail.com