Saturday, 29 January 2011

How this is going to work...

After much thought, I have decided to start things off even. We all start off with the same amount of tiles and the same amount of sky shields, bastions etc. One player is going to start off with the Hive tile (the only thing I have pre-decided, everything else will be random) but wont have any extra sky shields etc as the Hive tile gives you one bonus for each of those anyway.

We are going to draw out of a hat which of the numbered tiles we own at which point you can decide where you want to place your bastions etc..

A game turn is going to last two/three weeks. You can play as many or as little games as you like. This will mean however this campaign is going to take a while to complete, but I dont want to tie players to playing this exclusively when there are so many other things going on. Im looking for players to play at least one or two games in that time.

If you dont know the rules - dont worry, they are simple. All it is basically rolling dice on a table and keeping score. You do get things like point advantages and things so you need to know who your playing in advance so you can make any list adjustments.

In this campaign as its my first one I think just standard 40k missions and pt values between 1K and 2K to be decided by player pre game.

I will be leaving a small rules pack for everyone on Thursday so if you have any questions ask me or post on the thread I made on Hulls Angels forum.

Better get on with the rules pack.... :(

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