Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Let the campaign begin!

This is the first time I have done anything like this and so Im looking to keep things simple. Im going to use the Planetary Empires rules. I have the set, but TBH it will be easier for me to maintain online. Im going to run this as close to the PE rules as pos first off. The rules are very open and really you need to make rules up for each campaign. This is great, but I think we need to find holes with the standard rules first though.

Im nearly there with the fluff, just need to pad and work out what armies are taking part. The way the gaming is going to work is we will have a game turn where players can play one game towards the campaign or bow out a turn. I really want players who can turn up on either Weds or Thurs nights at Hulls Angels, so if you cant then please let someone who can play regularly sign up. Im looking for a max of six players. I have four so far so let me know if your interested. I will leave some sheets at the club for people to fill in at the end of each game for roll offs etc and you can leave me or email me the results where I will update the map and fluff as we go.

I will pin up/leave set of rules at the club, but I may be a few weeks off start up yet as there is quite a bit of prep to do. If I can find an easy way now, then is should make future campaigns really easy.

So first up a look at the campaign map, I will update, print and upload an image of it at the end of each game turn:

Found this awesome map on the internet and have added the location of Khaleraaq, thats all Im giving away on the fluff now!:

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