Friday, 4 February 2011

Pre-Game Map

OK, I have had a slight change of heart on the start up. No one is on the hive tile and to give everyone a chance no one is allowed to challenge for it until Turn 3. This is because the Hive offers a major advantage in someone doubling there map pieces. Also if the rebels lost it in the turn one they would be at to much of a disadvantage as they would lose all of the map pieces.

So here we are, I need you all to give me the positions of your shields, power stations, manufactoriums and bastions ASAP. Here's to a long and awesome campaign!


  1. Just typical, I have two tiles together and they're surrounded by Alan's forces. I'm beginning to think the universe has it in for me.

  2. They're mine, of course he wants them, it's his life goal to take all of my dignity!

  3. It's nothing personal mate, I intend to crush and conquer EVERYTHING!

    Hey we're Daemons, what else are we gonna do for fun :-D

    Mind you there are a lot of Dark Eldar just north of there and a shiny, shiny Hive to play with and a group of Nids AND a potential Ork cluster to the east. Lots and lots of nice new playthings - decisions, decisions...

  4. Yes I agree with you Blag,

    Lots of playthings lol.

    Im really looking forward to this campaign

  5. I think the Nids have a potentially dominating situation, they are surrounding the hive tile. I'm a bit spread out, but have options, so happy.

  6. Can't wait to get started... when can we start playing??

  7. A. When everyone gives me there map piece positions

    B. When Drax gives me his Sob fluff

    c. When I get back from doubles... so around 3rd of march as long as I have A and B!